Chalet Meals Delivered to your door - this is Raphael's Beef Bourguignon
Chalet Meals Delivered to your door - this is Raphael's Beef Bourguignon Strawberry, basic and pistachio tarte - your evening meals are two courses and include desserts like this Meal Deliveries on the table - roast Pork with Dauphinoise Potatoes Sumptuous Black Forest Gateaux delivered to your door.

Introducing our meal deliveries

Delicious Meals, Fantastic Value & Wonderfully Flexible.

Very impressed, with the quantity, variety and quality of the meals and it couldn't have been easier.

How it Works

  • Each morning we pop around with your two course evening meal, all freshly prepared from scratch in our kitchens.
  • That evening whenever you'd like to eat just pop the dishes in the oven, serve and enjoy!
  • The following morning we'll collect the empties and deliver another delicious homemade speciality

What we deliver

  • Two course even meals, all fully garnished and ready to heat up and serve.
  • Breakfast pack including daily bakery delivery of bread and pastries
  • Wines and beers

Where we deliver

  • Les Gets
  • Morzine
  • St Jean d'Aulps
  • Meribel
  • La Tania

Delicious, high quality food prepared from scratch.

We produce everything from scratch in our kitchens, take great care and pride in every dish we produce. Just read the glowing reviews of chalet food deliveries below to see the quality of the outcome!

The meal for 14 was simply stunning... 5 star luxury at 3 star prices....

Great Value

7 breakfasts and 6 evening meals for just €129 per person! Add this to a self-catered property and suddenly you've a fully catered chalet holiday at a fraction of the price.

Wonderfully Flexible

Each day your meals are in your fridge when you return from the ski slopes. Hungry? just pop them in the oven early. Fancy staying out for a few extra apres-ski drinks? No problem, it's there whenever you return.

The dishes for dinner were all of a high standard and very easy to prepare - just heat them up in the oven. We would definitely try this style of catering again as it gave us a lot of flexibility...

Evening Meals

Each morning we deliver your two course evening meal, all full garnished and prepared from scratch in our kitchens.

Whenever you would like to eat just pop in the oven, serve and enjoy!

The following morning we'll pop over to take away the empties and deliver another delicious meal.

We can also bring wine and beer to for you.


As an optional extra we can deliver your breakfast too.

At the start of your holiday we deliver a large pack of all your breakfast essentials, then each morning we pop over with a daily bakery delivery too.


Reviews of Meal Deliveries

Thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review of their chalet food deliveries, we do appreciate it. If you would like to leave a review you can do that through TripAdvisor or Facebook. Thank you.

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Food Photo Gallery

Some pictures of our creations for you to whet the appetite!

Beef Bourguignon slow cooked for 6 hours - delicious! You meals come in dishes like this ready to go straight in the oven You get two courses each day and this indulgent black forest gateaux is on our dessert menu We offer breakfast as well & even make our own jams! Your meal is delivered in a box like this each morning. Inside you'll find everything ready to go in the oven, and instructions too for heating the food. All you need to do is heat, serve and enjoy! Today's menu - Braised shank of Lamb, black olive jus and lamb jus, roasted parsnip and dauphinoise potatoes We offer a large breakfast as well - cereals, eggs, cheese, ham, yoghurts, juices, tea, coffee, daily bread and pastry deliveries and more. Strawberry Tart with basil and pistachios - delicious! We make our own jams too as part of our breakfast option We deliver wines and beers as well, here with a piece of Raphael's exotic cake, an personal favourite of mine

Contact Us & About Our Websites

Please don't hesitate if you've any questions at all...

Contacting Meribel & La Tania
+ 33 (0) 647 21 35 76

We are a small friendly business, please feel free to call days, evenings and weekends.

Our Meribel & La Tania operation is run by Stuart & Louise. Experts in chalet holidays, they've been in Meribel for years and counting! As mountain fanatics there's not much about Meribel and the Three Valleys they don't know. If you'd like to know the best mountain restaurant, the best ski school, or anything else please just ask.

Contacting Les Gets, Morzine & St Jean d'Aulps
+33 (0) 634 38 22 29

We are a small friendly business, please feel free to call days, evenings and weekends.

Our Les Gets, Morzine and St Jean d'Aulps operation is run by Raphael and Jana. As a local couple (Raphael's family have lived in Les Gets since time began I think), there's not much about the area they don't know! So if we can help you with any questions at all please just ask.

Business Contacts & Non-Holiday Questions

This is for non-holiday related questions.

Company Setup

We are setup rather differently to other chalet companies. Each resort is it's own little company, and then we all work together under one banner.

Each resort having it's own owner means that you speak to someone that lives in the resort you are going too, will plan your holiday from start to finish then will be there in resort with you to make sure everything runs perfectly.

Does it work? Just see the reviews of all our products. The dedication of the company owners there in resort with you makes it such a success.

Who am I booking with?

You'll be booking with the company that runs your resort. We have a website for each resort and service (details below), which you can see for more information.

Our Other Websites

It doesn't matter which website you us to contact us through, it is still the same people here answering your questions and looking after you in resort.