Stu and Lou working away in the chalet kitchen
Stu and Lou working away in the chalet kitchen Private Catered chalet for small groups Phil crashing in deep powder snow! One of our Catered Chalets in Les Gets Jane snowboarding above Morzine.

Starting a new Ski Business? We'd love to chat to you

Advice, Websites, SEO, Marketing, Investment, Franchises, Booking Manangement Systems and much more...

The Chalet Experience is set up rather differently from most chalet companies. is the master brand, an umbrella over a collection of small individual companies.

Each Resort & Service is it's own independent company, then we also all work together under the one brand as well.

Could you be the next company to join?

Why do we run this Business Model?

As each resort and service is a stand-alone company, that means you've a company owner there in each resort, providing the service. No one cares as much or works as hard as the person who owns their own business. This model has worked wonderfully well for us, just go and read all the reviews of our chalets and meal deliveries.

Starting a Chalet Company

100% Success Rate with our Chalet Company Startups

There is a lot to think about when starting a Chalet Company. We have been through it many times, always creating a successful chalet company with each business we work with. If you join The Chalet Experience then we'll be with you the whole way.

Finding Guests

Your biggest issue will be finding enough guests. "If you build it, they will come"... is a great big lie when it comes to chalet companies, sorry! Having the best holidays for the cheapest price will not fill your chalet.

Our main job is to find you enough guests. It's all about great marketing, and that's what we do best. If you have enough people booking your holidays, then everything else is will work.

Removing the Guesswork

What rent is normal? How much deposit should I be putting down on a chalet? How much will I spend on utilities / food / drinks? What commissions will I earn? What occupancy can I expect?


Chalet rents are not cheap. We can provide the investment to get your chalet business started.

Finding a Chalet to Rent

One of the most difficult tasks for a new startup. We can help explain how ti all works, how to go about this process, rents and deposits you can expect to pay, and much more. You may also find our Chalets for Long Term Rental page interesting..

Finding Chalets for Seasonal Rent


Who would this suit?

A New Startup

If you've done your seasons working in catered chalets, and are ready to make that leap to having your own business, then talk to us.

Existing Chalet Companies

To be honest it's probably not for you. We mainly work with new startups right from the word go. If you are small, keen to learn and expand, and would like to get involved then don't hesitate to get in touch, we can at least chat through the options.

See what we provide

Starting a Chalet Kitchen Franchise

Join a new venture we are very excited about... is one of our newer projects, and one we are particularly excited about. This is expanding rapidly and we are on the lookout for new companies to open ChaletKitchen branches in new resorts

Who would this suit?

An existing catered chalet company

If you fancy branching out then this would be the perfect addition to your current business, reusing your current skills & giving an excellent new income stream with great potential.

A new startup

Simpler and easier to start than a full catered chalet company, this business has great potential & we've all the systems to make it a big success

See what we provide Go to

What we Provide

We work together to make your business a success

We provide a lot for the companies we work with. If I had to summarise to a few bullet points it would be:

  • Finding them enough clients to succeed
  • Sorting all the computer side including bookings management systems
  • Checking all the business plans, including the money side
  • Advice & guidance in all areas
  • Investment

There's a lot more than just that though...

First Rate Website

Our main job is to find your enough clients to succeed, and one of our main tools to do this is our website skills.

Not only do you get space on, but also each business has it's own website too.

Some examples:

These are not any old websites - they are large, effective websites that we are continually testing and improving.

Space on

We use as a master brand, and your new venture would have space on this site. This gives you instant traffic and exposure, as well as returners from other resorts seeing your offerings.

Marketing and SEO

Our main job to make sure your business has enough clients to succeed. One of the main strands here is via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, i.e. climbing google). Just try going to and typing "Chalets in Les Gets" or "Catered Chalet Meribel", you'll see the websites above appearing. We also work with you in all other marketing strands including social to make sure you have a nice busy winter.


Starting a chalet company can often involve large deposits. We often invest in the businesses we worth with to help get them off the ground.

Best in Industry Bookings Management Software

We've our own in-house bookings management software that runs both Food Deliveries (for ChaletKitchen) and Chalet Holidays. If you are to concentrate fully on your clients, you'll need an extraodinarily efficient computer system to handle everything else for you. We have that.

Business Advice & Planning

We've been through this startup process many times, with many businesses. Every company we have worked with has been a success. We'd work with you to refine your business plan, check your calculations and make sure everything is in place for you to maintain this 100% success rate.

We cannot overemphasis the importance of this enough. There's a huge amount of guesswork in starting a new business. We can bring our experience to replace the guesswork with real examples that have been tried and tested.

Support, all the way

If we start working together, then it's for the long term. You'll have our help and support all the way, no matter what the life of an entrepreneur throws up (it'll be plenty I'm sure, never a dull moment!)

Join a Group of Successful Companies

All of us under "The Chalet Experience" brand work together, sharing ideas and experiments, offering advice and each trying to help the other. How to get card processing, who is the best bank to use, which insurance companies work well for chalets and on it goes. Now you have access to a lot of collective experience.

We all bring our own personal strengths and experiences to the table, and so together we make more than the sum of our parts.


We'd expect you to be very critical of us, as we would be of you. Deciding to work together is a big decision and takes lots of homework on the other party.

We'd happily give you contacts of various companies we work with, so you can have a frank discussion with them of what it's like to work with us, how effective it's been for them and what they've thought of the whole process.


We should be as dedicated to your success as you are

Getting the right model is key to the success of any business relationship. For your business to reach it's full potential then we need to be fully committed to it.

The perfect model is one where we all work together for a common goal, then divide up the spoils at the end of the season.

No Upfront Costs

We don't have any fees or costs to join us.

We only get paid if it's a success

We set up models where we only get paid when it's a success.

We might, for example, take a percentage of turnover. This could be on a sliding scale so that we only get paid once you've covered your costs.

This means we are fully motivated to make sure you business makes money - we only get paid by profit making businesses. Generally we calculate up at the end of each ski season - if it's been a success then we take our share of the spoils.

For More Detail

Come and talk to us. We can have a good chat about your plans, then we'll give you an idea of how we coudl work together.


Types of Ski Businesses and Chalet Franchises

Not only ski chalets - if you feel our skills could help your business, then get in touch.

Ski Business Franchises on Offer

If you are looking for a turn-key business then we offer ready-to-go franchises:

Catered Chalet Company Franchise

We've been through the startup process for chalet companies many times and always successfully. We can help you at every step of the way.

Chalet Kitchen Franchise

I'm very excited about this business. It's expanding rapidly and we are always looking for great new people to open a branch of Chalet Kitchen in a new resort.

Other Types of Businesses we work with

We would be interested in talking to people looking to start other types of businesses. If you feel our skills & expertise could benefit your business, then get in touch. We'd like to chat about any holiday & ski related business. It's not all chalets & chalet food deliveries we do, for example here are a few other of our projects:


Contact Us

If you've any questions at all, or would just like a general chat then please do get in touch!

It's always great to chat to other people working in the ski industry :)

Business Contacts & Non-Holiday Questions
+353 871 483506

We are a small friendly business, please feel free to call days, evenings and weekends.

This is for non-holiday related questions. If you are interested in our Catered Chalet Holidays or Chalet Food Deliveries then please see our main contact page - you can chat directly to the resort in question.